Maybe you are here because you are pregnant, think you are pregnant, or experienced a pregnancy scare.  Maybe you are just curious.  No matter the situation, it is probably time to re-evaluate your dating relationship.  We have all read silly magazine articles claiming to have all the answers we need to assure us the perfect relationship.  Upon reading them, we are usually left inflated with false hope and destined for some sort of dating disaster. 

The truth is that dating relationships are complicated and confusing in nature.  Let’s face it, guys and girls are from Venus and Mars. When you add school, friends, jobs, parents, and the media into the mix, situations can get blurry very quickly and we can easily lose our self.  Losing your self can mean a lot of things, but more importantly it can mean losing your hope and desire for a relationship that involves true love.  

Many young couples have found that not engaging in sex helps them avoid messy situations and allows them to focus on building a strong relationship based on love and respect.  Yeah this sounds great, but is it possible?  In a society where it seems like everyone is having sex, and with lots of people, the very thought of eliminating it from a dating relationship seems crazy. The truth is that not everyone is having sex and not everyone having it is happy about it.  In fact, most of your friends would probably respect you more if you made the decision to free yourself from it until marriage.  

Abstaining from sex until marriage is something that many, normal, young people do by choice.  If you have already had sex, it is never too late to choose to abstain and start fresh with no regrets and no worries for your future.  Even if you have found yourself pregnant, you can get through it and choose to wait to have sex again until you are ready for marriage and commitment. This is the only way to guarantee that you won’t find yourself in this situation again. 

Perhaps you do desire a relationship based on love and respect not on sex, but you are wondering if there are any guys out there that would agree to a relationship like this. If a guy really respects you, then he will be okay with waiting.  If he is not okay with it, then he is not worth your time. You are the one who has to carry and birth a child if you end up getting pregnant, so you should be able to decide whether or not you have sex. 

There are many great guys out there who respect women enough to save sex for marriage.  You deserve a man like this, every strong knowledgeable women does.  Empower yourself and stand up for your desire for a relationship based on love and respect.  It is possible, it does exists, so let's go get it! 

06/22/2012 04:07

The solution is simple yet difficult. All you have to do is trust love and go with the flow.

07/08/2012 23:49

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08/18/2012 04:16

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Great advice for couples before AND after they get married. Thanks

11/28/2013 05:30

Pregnancy scare - If you're married and planning on a child, what is the scare?
Dating relationships are complicated - Not if there's open communication from the beginning.
Situations can get blurry very quickly - Not if you're a Christian single and have high standards.
Most of your friends would probably respect you more if you made the decision to free yourself from it until marriage: Maybe if you're an adolescent female. Things are quite different in adulthood.
Start fresh with no regrets and no worries for your future. All premarital sex has consequences, including regret. You can commit to waiting again. But you cannot be a "virgin again."
If a guy really respects you, then he will be okay with waiting. If the guy is also waiting, why would he not be okay with it?
You should be able to decide whether or not you have sex. That should be a mutual decision reserved for marriage.
You deserve a man like this, I'm afraid you will not find him with this mindset.
John, 40+, waiting

12/01/2013 15:51

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02/06/2014 09:01

Great advice, really, but what if you enjoy having sex? And don't know if you ever want to get married? I'm not talking about having sex all the time, but I enjoy having sex with my boyfriend. We were together for about eight months before even beginning to. But now that we have, I don't think it's something I would want to take out of the relationship.

05/01/2014 17:45

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